Fu Jiajun behind World Championship 2-7 behind Allen Bingham 5-4 lead _1

World Championship Fu Jiajun trailed Alan Bingham 5-4 in the first stage 2-7
In the first round of the 2017 Snooker World Championship, Hong Kong Chinese Fu Jiajun was in a sluggish state. Although he scored a goal and broke a hundred, he still fell behind Belgian genius Brecher 2-7 in the first stage. The prospect is worrying.Mark Allen and Bingham led Jimmy Robertson and Alberton 5-4 respectively in the first stage.  Last year, Fu Jiajun, who had reached the semi-finals of the World Championships. The first round opponent was Belgian genius Brecher. The two two played four times. Fu Jiajun maintained a victory.In the first game, Fu Jiajun went up to solve the ball and gave 4 points. After a few rounds, Fu Jiajun missed the ball and Brecher scored 55 points.Although Fu Jiajun had a chance but quickly made a mistake, Brecher grabbed the lead with 86-7.After Brechaer’s cue ball sank in the second game, Fu Jiajun took the risk of attacking a big-angle red ball on the top of the bag. Brecher started with a single shot 109 points and led 2-0.  In the third game, Fu Jiajun chose a far-off low-bar offense. The goal was not scored, leaving the opponent with an offensive opportunity. Brecher scored 31 points and turned to defense.Fu Jiajun scored 4 points for a ball-missing error. After a stalemate scored a red ball in the stand, he made a snooker. Brecher missed the ball. Fu Jiajun didn’t grasp the anti-send gift. Brecher won 61-24The score expanded to 3-0.In the fourth game, Fu Jiajun left the red ball near the bag mouth to attack the far platform. Brecher succeeded in the long table but only scored 5 points.Fu Jiajun didn’t feel good and missed the phone meeting. Brecher made a mistake after playing 26 and hit the black ball.Fu Jiajun felt depressed and kept making mistakes to give his opponent a mobile phone meeting. Brecher scored 78-5 and the score came to 4-0.  In the fifth inning after the break, Fu Jiajun made two consecutive mistakes and scored 8 points. After that, he returned to the ball and hit the red balls near the pocket. Brecher’s long bench attack missed but the goal ball was luckyFalling into the bottom pocket on the other side, a single shot 94 points to win, 5-0 to expand the advantage.In the sixth inning, Fu Jiajun kicked off the ball. Brecher directly attacked on the bench. After getting 22 points, he made a simple mistake in the attacking black ball bottom bag. Fu Jiajun scored the middle bag and the red ball started to get 37 points.After that, Fu Jiajun gradually expanded his initiative to complete the overpoint with 66-30. Brecher tried to use the last red ball to make a snooker error. Fu Jiajun scored the red ball to recover 69-30.  In the seventh inning, Brecher’s thin red ball pile hit a dribble balloon and scored a 9-point cue ball to break the bag. Fu Jiajun defended a red ball to the bottom of the bag. Brecher scored a 7-point error again.Fu Jiajun repeatedly missed opportunities and Brecher scored 62 points in a single shot, winning 78-10 and leading 6-1.After the kick-off in the eighth inning, Brecher continued to attack and defended thinly into the red ball bottom pocket, starting with a single shot 76 points, zero score opened the score to 7-1.In the ninth inning, Fu Jiajun succeeded in attacking Taiwan, and finally found a feel to play a single shot with 105 points. The first stage was 2-7 behind, which was extremely unfavorable.The second stage of the competition between the two sides will take place at 2 am Beijing time on the 18th.  Mark Allen played against Jimmy Robertson. Robertson had a three-shot 60+ and took a 3-1 lead in the first four innings. Among them, 55 points in the third inning was reversed by Allen in a single inning.In the fifth inning, Allen chased a single shot of 105 points and then chased another inning, Robertson immediately returned a 78-point shot. In the next two innings, Allen won in a row. In the ninth inning, Allen scored 100 points to overtake the score and lead 5-4End the first stage of the game.  A showdown between two former world championship champions, Bingham vs. Alberton.After the game started, Bingham won three games in a row and scored a two-shot 80+ to get a 3-0 lead. After two games, Alberton saw the score to 2-3.Bingham scored 74 points and 122 points in a single shot in the sixth inning, expanding the score to 5-2. After a number of starts in the eighth inning, he scored 97 points. The opponent took back one inning and the ninth inning.After scoring 21 points, Bingham took a single shot and scored 66 points to complete the super score, but Alberton passed the snooker after clearing the stage to tie the score and won in the black ball decisive victory, the first stage Bingham Han 5-4 lead.