Evil Angel and Your Relationship

Evil Angel and Your Relationship

In the childhood storybooks, little angels were kind and cute. They guarded the children every day and brought joy and hope to each child. But are they really good?

Isn’t there a trick or a cheating little angel?

If so, what do you think is their best trick?

  A creates natural disasters and human disasters B sells the most powerful atomic bomb in the world C resurrects the results of dinosaur analysis A Basically, you are a person who fears that the world is not chaotic. The more angry and unhappy others are, the more likely you are to have a sense of pleasure.Your heart isn’t really that bad, but because you often show an unbroken and proud look that makes others really want to be close to you, the result of the vicious circle is to make yourself an unwelcome person.

  B In the group, you are not a conspicuous person, often forgotten in a certain corner, and no one cares about you. You do n’t really care about this, because your ideas are a bit different, you spendA lot of time is thinking about many things that others don’t think of, so your friends don’t know you very well.

However, your affinity is good. Although your personality is bland, friends do not hate you.

  CYou are full of enthusiastic cells throughout your whole body, like to make friends, and are particularly enthusiastic about group activities. You are a very popular person.

Your good popularity is not because of your superb communication skills, but your natural personal charm, so that friends around you like to be with you, you will be unconsciously recommended by everyone as a leader, and youWe are competent and happy.