[How to eat instant bird’s nest bottle_How to eat instant bird’s nest bottle]

[How to eat instant bird’s nest bottle_How to eat instant bird’s nest bottle]

Bird’s nest is the sacred product of female friends’ tonic. Many celebrities must consume bird’s nest every day. This can supplement the collagen lost by women’s bodies and ease the speed of women’s aging.

In recent years, various food companies are developing new products. Instant bird’s nest is for women’s convenience when they go out.

Let’s understand together?
1. Papaya stewed bird’s nest Papaya stewed bird’s nest is particularly delicious, so that the sweet smell of papaya penetrates into the bird’s nest, and the taste of eating bird’s nest becomes more and more sweet and attractive!

In normal production, you can cut the papaya from 1/3, remove the clasp inside and hang it. Then put the prepared bird’s nest in the excavated papaya cup, stew it in the pot and water, and cook it againIt will be ready in ten minutes.

2. Red date stewed bird’s nest ready-to-eat bird’s nest can be taken with red dates for stew soup, but because this type of ready-to-eat bird’s nest is a convenient food, it is not suitable for long-term stewing. You can remove the red dates when making them and cut the dates into smallAdd pieces of water to stew in a casserole. When the jujube is about to be stewed, mix the ready-to-eat bird’s nest in the pot and cook for 4 or 5 minutes.

3, rock candy bird’s nest ready-to-eat bird’s nest tastes very light, and tastes nothing at all. Many people are not used to it. At this time, you can add it to rock sugar and then process it. When you want to eat, you can put 4 to 5 rock sugar in the pot., Add a small amount of water to let the sugar melt, and then count down the purchase home, put the bird’s nest in the pot, mix with the rock sugar water, cook together for 4 to 5 minutes, the taste of the bird’s nest will be much better after cooking, Sweet and refreshing, especially delicious.

4, Tremella Bird’s Nest Soup and Tremella Soup is also a common way to eat bird’s nest. Usually, you can wash the Tremella foam in advance and tear it into small flowers. Then put the appropriate amount of rock sugar and a small amount of wolfberry in a casserole, and then add an appropriate amount.Stew with fresh water, stew for about half an hour after turning it on, and let the white fungus in the pot become soft and waxy. Then put the ready-to-eat bird’s nest in the pot and mix well with them. A nutrient-rich white fungus soupit is done.