CIES released the strongest of the top five European leagues in 2015: Messi 1st Ronaldo ranked only 29_1

CIES released the strongest of the top five European leagues in 2015: Messi 1st Ronaldo ranked only 29th
According to ESPN, the famous football research organization CIES released the ranking of players in each position of the five major leagues in Europe since January 2015. The results show that Messi wins the best forward, while Chelsea’s Hazard and Arsenal’s Ozil areApproved as the best midfielder, Leverkusen Iron Guard Spasic was named the best central defender.It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo ranked only 29th in the selection of the best striker.  CIES was established by the cooperation of FIFA and the University of Neuchatel in Switzerland, and the research has considerable authority.In this research, CIES integrated several key data such as the number of shots in the league and the number of opportunities created by all players in the five leagues, and made a comprehensive ranking of the performance of players in various positions in 2015.Messi’s performance in 2015 beat Ronaldo’s striker position. Messi ranked first in the list. Since 2015, he has scored 17 league points. The efficiency value is unmatched. Bayern’s Robben and Wolfsburg have moreSteve ranked second and third.Among the other big players, Messi’s two teammates Suarez and Neymar ranked fourth and twelfth respectively.It is worth mentioning that Cristiano Ronaldo ranked only 29th in this list. After entering 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo scored only six league points. The sluggish state is close to dragging Cristiano Ronaldo’s ranking.Among the other two in the BBC group, Bell ranked 35th and Benzema ranked 37th.  In the midfield position, Chelsea core Hazard and Arsenal’s Ozil tied for first place, and Manchester City winger Navas ranked third.This season’s outstanding performance of De Braun ranked fourth, and returned to Dortmund Kagawa Shinji ranked fifth, which basically reflects the excellent performance of several players in 2015.In terms of Hazard’s fast forward, the most efficient full-back in 2015 was Manchester City’s Clichy, Real Madrid’s Marcelo and Bayern’s Rafinha followed closely, and the central defender’s Leverkusen’s SpasicRanked first, Demichelis of Manchester City and Dortmund Hulmes ranked second and third.(Marko)