4 simple ways to lose weight and prevent adult disease

4 simple ways to lose weight and prevent adult disease

Obesity is the leading cause of adult diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Of course, obesity can also affect beauty.

  Middle-aged and elderly people, because the body’s metabolic function is reduced, excess meat can easily accumulate in the abdomen or other parts.

Therefore, many people don’t get fat when they are young, but as they get older, excess meat accumulates and they become fat without knowing it.

However, it is expected to diet desperately, leading to nutritional imbalances and actually damage the body.

  Here, I will introduce a yoga technique that can both reduce weight and prevent adult diseases.

  ① The crocodile is lying on its back with its legs stretched to the left and right.

The abdominal muscles are strengthened and the excess meat in the abdomen is naturally eliminated.

In addition, it also strengthens the internal organs and autonomic nerves.

  ② The plow-shaped posture is effective for removing the whole body such as the abdomen, waist, shoulders and legs.

In addition, it can promote blood circulation and regulate visceral function.

  This position is prone to sprain fractures, so be careful and do it slowly.

You can put your hands on your back at the beginning, so letting others help will cause confusion, so please try your best.

  ③ The bow-shaped posture can eliminate the aunt of the abdomen, hips, and back, and has the effect of thin waist and hip lifting.

Reverse curvature can correct the spine and regulate the autonomic nerve.

  Of course, choosing one you like from the above ① to ③ poses is also effective, but it is more effective if you cooperate with a certain posture.

Also, be sure to include a “resting position” between each position.

  ④ The rest posture relaxes the whole body. The relaxation of nerves and muscles will bring new vitality to the physiology of fatigue.

After adding this “resting posture”, the effects beyond some of the above postures are more obvious.

  The most important thing for practicing yoga is to relax your body and adjust your mood to the best state.

When practicing yoga, don’t force it, you must do your best.