On Insomnia from the Theory of Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood

On Insomnia from the Theory of Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood


From the theory of yin and yang to insomnia, the theory of yin and yang is an important part of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine.

The two sides of Yin and Yang are opposites, grow and fall, interact with each other, and can transform each other. These effects maintain the normal changes in nature and maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body.The so-called “Yin Ping Yang secret, the spirit is rule.”

Therefore, yin and yang are closely related to sleep and penetrate into all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Changes in the yin and yang of the human body determine the physiological activities of sleep and awakening.

The change of yin and yang in nature has its own rhythm. The yin and yang of the human body are accompanied by corresponding changes, and there is also an obvious rhythm.

The rise and fall of the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth cause the rhythm of day, night, morning and dusk to change.

  Man and nature are a unified whole. The yang of the human body moves with the daily rhythm of the ebb and flow.

In Pingdan, the human body’s yang energy goes out from the inside with the natural yin gas. The yang gas grows and people get up and move. At noon, the human body’s yang energy flows outside, at dusk, the yang energy fades away, and at night, the yang energy is hidden inside.Go to bed and rest.

Yang enters yin but yin, and yang comes out of yin.

Yin is the main, Yang is active; Yang Qi is weak, Yin Qi is rich, then sleep; Yang Qi is strong, Yin Qi is weak, then awakening occurs.

This mechanism of yin and yang ups and downs sleep and awakening is determined by the movement of the yang in and out of the body.

Under normal circumstances, people’s yin and yang are reconciled, and the blood is well-connected. Therefore, the day and night are fine, and there is enough longer sleep at night, and physical strength and survival are restored. The day and night are abundant and the mind is agile.

  Scientific research also provides relevant evidence of the yin-yang day rhythm of the human body. In terms of endocrine, it shows changes in the yin-yang day rhythm, such as human thyroid hormone, adrenergic hormone, glucocorticoid, renin, aldosterone, and gonadotropin.Diurnal secretions such as ketones and ketones increase during the night and decrease at night; while parathyroid hormones, adrenocortical hormones, growth hormone, vasopressin and other secretions increase at night, diurnal secretions decrease.

  Modern sleep science believes that under the action of the sleep and arousal systems, in order for sleep to resume, the activity of the relatively awakening system of strength should first be weakened, and the sleep system of relatively weak strength fully functions to enter sleep.

Sleep cannot occur if the wake system is too active or the sleep system is weak.

Awake system activity increases, sleep system utilization decreases, and people wake up.

This theory is exactly the same as the theory of yin and yang sleep. The awakening system is analogous to yang, and the sleep system is analogous to yin. The yin and yang contradict each other, fight each other, and are interdependent and coordinated to complete the physiological activities of sleep and awakening.The theory of yin and yang is the same.

It can be said that yin-yang disorder is an important pathogenesis of sleep disorders.

  In short, the theory of yin and yang explains the physiology and pathology of TCM sleep, and guides TCM in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of insomnia.


Insomnia based on the theory of God Many modern studies have shown that insomnia is not only a physiological disorder of sleep, but also accompanied by a process of psychological discomfort.

God ‘s sleep theory also believes that sleep and awakening are dominated by God ‘s activities. God ‘s security allows people to enter sleep, and God ‘s uneasiness prevents people from falling asleep. Zhang Jingyue said: “Gai Chuan was originally Yin, and God ‘s Lord is also God ‘s security.Alas, God is uneasy.

“Lingshu · Xie Ke”: “The heart is also the master of the five Tibetan and six provinces, and the house of the spirit is also”, and the “Su Wen · Linglan Secret Theory” also states: “The heart is the official of the monarch, The gods came out.

The mind controls the five internal organs. It controls the spirit, consciousness, and thinking activities. God has important parts in the human body. God fills the body with strength. God declines the body with weakness. The activity of God further reflects the function of the heart.He commanded the five internal organs.

It can be imagined that the normal function of the mind and mind can ensure normal sleep and awakening.

“Lingshu · The God”: “So whoever is, is the heart.

“As a result, the physiological functions of the gods and minds are abnormal, and abnormalities in spirit, consciousness, and thinking immediately appear, and clinical manifestations such as insomnia, restlessness, forgetfulness, and malaise occur.


According to the theory of qi and blood prosperity and insomnia, the decrease or insufficiency of qi and blood can cause visceral and visceral tissue dysfunction and deformation.

The “Lingshu · Yingying Health Association” has pointed out that the elderly “do not have fine days and do not sleep at night” because “qi and blood fail, their muscles are dry, their airways are astringent, and the five strokes of the steam are fighting.”Inner Qi Qi” in “Book of Jingyue · Don’t Hesitate” also said that “blood deficiency does not support the heart, guilty destiny does not keep the house . so that the whole night stays awake, but suddenly wakes up, and it is a testimony of anxiety.

“Not only is there false evidence, if the blood is hot, it disturbs the mind and disturbs the soul.

For example, in “Theory of Warmth”, “the camp is heated, the blood is robbed, the mind is disturbed, and the night is very sleepless.

In fact, Qi and blood are inseparable. Qi belongs to yang, blood belongs to yin, and qi can produce blood, qi can carry blood, and blood is the mother of qi.

Qi is not blood, then blood is not attached, Qi cloth is based on blood; blood is not gas, blood is not allowed to flow, blood line is handsome.

Enriching qi and blood, coordinating yin and yang, people are healthy.

Therefore, regardless of qi or blood disease, qi and blood disorders, yin and yang disorders, and abnormalities will eventually form, causing the overall physiological function of the body to be disordered, and various diseases including sleep disorders in the body.

  4.To sum up, we can grind that the theories of insomnia in TCM are all related to the basic principles and cognitive thinking of TCM, and are closely integrated with physiology and pathology. These theories have been influenced to a considerable extent by the ancient philosophy of TCM, such as heavenCorresponding theory of humans shows that in addition to human physiology and pathology, the coping style of the human external environment is also closely related to disease.

However, the current research on the theoretical system of insomnia is still in the stage of improvement and improvement. There are still many problems that need to be solved urgently and we need to explore and think.

  For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has solved many problems in insomnia, but with the development of the times, there are more new scientific methods that can be replaced by us. How to provide theories and insomnia in new social culture and scienceFavorable conditions are created clinically, and research on insomnia has new vitality. We Chinese medicine practitioners should pay attention to the results of modern scientific development at any time, especially combining modern clinical scientific research methods and traditional theories to accumulate more clinical data.The proper combination of theory and clinical will definitely bring about the development of subject scale.