Exquisite rice weight loss methods

Exquisite rice weight loss methods

The rice slimming method originated from the rice dieting program of 1939. People who participated in this diet summer camp received two weeks to the surrounding treatment, a treatment method for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hypertension and kidney disease.

  Because of the success of the high-intensity dieting program, registered nutritionist Rosa and her husband, cardiologist Robert, compiled this rice weight loss method for those in need to try it at home.

  Rice weight loss is a method of weight loss with low metabolism, high blood sugar, low salt, low fat, low sugar, low protein, and natural food. The original goal was to treat certain chronic diseases.

  Note: This method is not suitable for those who have had a colectomy and renal dysfunction.

  Rice slimming does not mean that you can only eat rice. Rice is just one of the 30 foods in this slimming plan.

Rice slimming foods also include whole wheat foods, soybeans, fruits, vegetables, skimmed dairy products, and lean protein.

Diets containing high-fiber foods such as whole wheat foods, vegetables and fruits can make people feel full and satisfied.

  Rice slimming has several processes: Phase 1: First day of the first week: basic rice meal (800 calories, 50 mg of salt), two starch foods, two fruits (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the next six days:Vegetable rice meal (1000 calories, 300 mg of salt) Breakfast: one starch food, one fruit, one skim milk lunch, dinner: three starch foods, three vegetables, one fruit Phase 2: Week 1One day: basic rice meal (800 calories, 50 mg of salt), two servings of starch, two fruits (breakfast, lunch, dinner) The next five days: vegetable rice meal (1000 calories, 300 mg of salt) breakfast: one serving of starchFood, one fruit, one skim dairy lunch, dinner: three starch foods, three vegetables, one fruit Last day: basic rice meal plus vegetable rice meal breakfast: two starch foods, three vegetables, one fruit  Lunch: Three Starch Foods, Three Vegetables, One Fruit Dinner: Three Starch Foods, Three Protein Foods (or Two Milk Products), Three Vegetables, One Fruit第Phase III: Maintenance phase. Intake 200 calories more per week than Phase II until the end of the weight loss period. Day 1: Basic rice meals Next four days: Vegetable rice meals Next two days: Basic rice meals plusVegetable rice meal Rice diet meal can not provide enough calcium and vitamin D for weight loss people, so weight loss people should add multivitamins every day.

  The rice diet meal starts with 800 calories per day and then gradually increases. During the maintenance phase, the daily calorie intake is 1200 calories.

Experts advise: If you absorb less than 1200 calories per day, it is likely to cause health problems, so you cannot go to extremes.

  Those who lost weight found that: instead of eating fried foods, coffee, processed foods, sugar, and eating a natural and healthy diet, the whole person was relaxed, migraines were no longer committed, and fibromyalgia was gone.

  Originally, low-salt diets lowered blood pressure for those with kidney disease.

A low-salt diet can reduce the amount of water in your body.

The average person absorbs 7000 milligrams of salt a day. In the first stage of a weight loss meal, only 50 milligrams of salt is added every day. The body loses water and its appetite will become smaller.

  Expert opinion: It may be difficult to implement this rice diet meal by yourself.

In addition, the daily intake is less than 1200 calories per day, which will slow down the basic metabolism of the human body, and even cause a low blood sugar diet of yo-yo disease, which is actually difficult to maintain, may lead to insufficient protein, or may be due to lack of persistenceAfter that, you may overeating.

And if you have a meal with friends, it is difficult to control the transformation. Experts say that this kind of weight loss meal will lead to a reduction in lean muscle.

So lean meat and low-fat protein supplements are very important. At the beginning, 20 to 30 pounds are lost. Most of them are water, and only a few are aunts.

Therefore, the benefits of weight loss are not as high as expected, and they may also have side effects, so you must consult a doctor before implementing a rice weight loss program.

  Rice diet can reduce weight, but such strict disciplines are difficult to stick to.

The fun of eating is gone, and it is not easy to stick to occasional meals with family and friends.