[How to make chestnut cake]_ Chestnut cake_How to make_How to make

[How to make chestnut cake]_ Chestnut cake_How to make_How to make

Now is the season when fresh chestnuts are on the market. At this time, eating chestnuts is not only delicious, but also has a high nutritional value, so it is very popular in normal times. Generally, there are many methods for making chestnut cakes.Use some red bean paste or other fillings to make it taste better.

Method 1: 1000 grams of chestnuts, 310 grams of gold cake, 450 grams of Chengsha stuffing, 5 grams of green plum, 300 grams of white sugar, and sunflower seed kernel 2.

5 grams production method 1, wash the chestnuts, make a small cut on the skin with a knife, put in a cold water pot, the water should flow over the chestnuts, cook for 20 minutes with high heat, remove the skins, and steam them for 1 hour.
When the chestnut meat is soft and rotten, mash it, and knead it to make a chestnut puree. If the mud is dry, add water and sugar.

2. Cut the gold cake (300 grams) into four large pieces of 13 cm long and 10 cm wide, and cut the remaining small diamond-shaped pieces.

Green plums are cut into thin filaments; the seeds are washed; 300 grams of white sugar and cold water are boiled into a sticky sugary juice.

3. Lay a damp cloth on the chopping board, and take 200 grams of chestnut mud in three equal portions.

First spread one of them on a wet cloth, and use a knife to wipe a 13 cm long and 10 cm wide ink cartridge piece, put a large piece of gold cake on it, and then take a chestnut mud and wipe it into the same size piece.The Chengsha filling stall is smoothed on the second layer of chestnut mud and covered with a layer of chestnut mud slices.

Make 4 pieces in this way.

Finally, green plums, melon seeds, and diamond-shaped gold cakes are decorated with various patterns on the surface of the cake to form a chestnut cake.

4. When eating, cut the chestnut cake into small cubes, place in a plate, and serve with sugar.

Method 2 Ingredients: chestnuts, 1,000 sugars, 300 grams of glutinous rice flour, 200 grams of osmanthus sauce, 250 grams of cold water, and 600 milliliters of production method 1.

Soak chestnuts in boiling water 5?
Peel and wash after 10 minutes.


Cut the chestnuts into thin slices, put them in a small pot, add 200 ml of cold water, place the pot in a steamer, and steam for 40?
Remove the chestnuts after 50 minutes.


Take 300ml of sugar, glutinous rice flour and cold water, put it in a pot, boil on medium heat, and when it is sticky, remove the heat, then add chestnut puree and osmanthus sauce and stir well.


Pour out the chestnut sauce, scrape it into 2 cm thick pieces with a small wooden board, and cut into some shapes at will.

The product features soft texture, moderate sweetness, rich chestnut flavor and rich nutrition. It is a small food popular with children.