The Forced Fall of Love has many flaws but high scores, all thanks to Xuan Bin’s sweetness

“The Forced Fall of Love” has many flaws but high scores, all thanks to Xuan Bin’s “sweetness”
A fatal hurricane in this war made a dreamy sweet love for the wealthy girl Yin Shili. The hurricane across the latitude took her to meet the miracle of North Korean officer Li Zhenghe.A cross-border love between “Northern Male and Southern Female” was launched twice, which is a veritable “good relationship originated from the long-term relationship, and the spouse was born naturally”.This love that fell from the sky comes from the Korean drama “The Forced Landing of Love” that has been on the topic recently and is on the list.This drama was written by Zeng Zhi, a highly popular drama writer, such as “You from the Stars” (hereinafter referred to as “Star You”) and “Legend of the Blue Sea”.And starring Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen, such a high-profile CP made the show hot before it aired.However, the response was mixed after the broadcast. Many viewers believed that the plot was naive and could not withstand scrutiny. The setting and lines of the heroine were too similar to Qian Songyi in “Star You”.For example, “The Forced Fall of Love” still jumped into the ranks of Korean dramas with high scores this winter.Xuan Bin, Sun Yizhen starred in “The Forced Fall of Love”.The picture is from the Internet, and the plot does not have many surprises to create a female character with a distinctive personality. Park Wisdom is the famous screenwriter.Park Wisdom, who used the romantic comedy “You Up to the End” in 2012 to be a finalist in the Best Screenplay Award at the 49th Hundred Thoughts Art Awards, has been fruitful in recent years, resulting in several movies that are familiar to Chinese audiences.Popular Korean dramas, such as the love science fiction drama “You from the Stars” that was popular in 2013, and the fantasy romance drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” in 2015, which made it the best in the 8th Macau International TV FestivalScreenwriter Award.However, neither the personal set nor the plot of this highly anticipated purpose of “The Forced Landing of Love” brought many surprises to the audience, and the beautiful flower between the rich second generation Bai Fumei and the official second generation Gao Fushuai was unreasonable.Even the play was accused of plagiarizing the previous work “Star You”.Actor’s face value plays a role in energy efficiency. The role setting of Korean dramas can be described as multiplying, from ghosts, monsters, nine-tailed fox to Yin Cao messenger, super powers, aliens have all played a role, and now the drama of “Force of Love” finallyReturn people to the traditional “ordinary” humans, such as the official second generation and the rich second generation, which are commonplace.The performer Xuan Bin of the male lead Li Zhenghe became popular because of “My Name is Jin Sanshun” at that time. The success of the play greatly increased its popularity and jumped to the position of a front-line actor.The later work “Queen of Snow” also set off a heat wave on the Internet, and even caused Andersen’s fairy tale “Queen of Snow” to appear on the bestseller list.In 2010, he benefited from “Secret Garden” and won the most outstanding male acting award in SBS acting awards.The heroine Yin Shili is played by Sun Yizhen, who owns the title “fairy”.Last year she starred in the popular Korean drama “Pretty Sister Who Frequently Eats”.The highlights in the film and television field in recent years have attracted attention and won awards continuously: winning the Best Actress at Baixiang, Asia Pacific Film Festival, and Qinglong Film Festival.In the 2018 movie “Consensus” Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen had collaborated. This time in the episode “Forced Landing”, the two’s face value played a greater energy effect.Too many viewers started chasing for Xuan Bin.The picture comes from the repeated settings of the network and the setting of the line Li Zhenghe is a typical “Jack Su”: Wu Neng empty-handed with a white blade, one-to-many one-to-many; Wen Neng cooks food freehand, burying the pot to make rice to feed the team.And the Swiss returnees have first-class piano skills.In the second episode of the play, I used important things to say three times in the lines to focus on the audience-he is “the only son of the director of the General Political Bureau”!The fit of Xuan Bin’s face value with the characters and the delicate micro-expressions, plus the blessing of the military uniform, did make the male warmer Li Zhenghe poked the hearts of many female audiences and became a major motivation for chasing the drama.Yin Shili’s role is like Qian Songyi’s “multiple shadow avatars” in “Star You”. A country with a closed mouth can’t live without me. From time to time, it makes a twitchy nerve, and it is very scary in front of the people it likes.However, Sun Yizhen’s Yan Yi is not suitable for the setting of silly and sweet “female nerves”. Many viewers said that they felt a little embarrassed by their grandiose performance.However, the most embarrassing is Yin Shili’s lines in the play.For example: Qian Songyi said to Du Minjun: “Do you really not know me?Is it from the north?Or aliens.Yin Shili’s complaint to Li Zhenghe: “If a Korean does not know me, then he is a spy, okay?””Another example: Qian Song Yiwu mumbled:” As long as it ‘s a man, it ‘s impossible not to like me . “Yin Shili ‘s inner monologue:” No matter how strong you are, you are not all men. You dare not look at me . “Lines that are thicker than corners of the city walls appear frequently in both plays. To convince the public, the heroine really needs to be a high-value actor.Unbearable coincidences and plots This play interprets the dramatic plots to the extreme, resulting in multiple coincidences and unreasonable bridges. The encounter between the male and female owners is a miracle of love worthy of the name: 1.The female host took a paraglider and was able to wind the tractor into the sky from the south to the north. After crossing the sentry checkpoint and hanging on the tree, the whole person was unscathed.2.The heroine never dared to look down at a height, and the heroine picked him up with bare hands, which was amazing.3.The heroine ran into a mountainous area marked by the “heavy minefield” in a panic, a taboo place where even warriors dared not enter. The heroine ran peacefully.4.The heroine crossed the minefield with her sense of direction completely lost, crossed the truce, and ran to the village of the chief’s mansion, and just stopped at the door of the hero’s house. There are many unreasonable and reasonable forewords as the foundation, and then the military internal telephone is used only to ask where the toiletries are, and it is already surprising that the bridge section is amazing.The conspiracy vice line interspersed with love in the play also can’t withstand scrutiny, and everyone’s IQ is supporting the male lead.Perhaps the biggest obstacle to the love between the two people is not the gully between the north and the south, or even too old-fashioned plots and constantly applied line templates. Some of the 2019 “Forced Landing” still have the taste of 2013 “Star You”.Xuan Bin cooks.The picture comes from the network “Sweet” and it’s done. Although people set the value on the face and the naiveness of the plot, the score of Douban in this play is still 8.5 points.The fan effect brought by the high-end CP cannot be underestimated. Although fan mirrors are part of the reason for the high score, it is undeniable that “cannot stand the scrutiny” does not prevent “Forced Landing” from becoming the most suicidal in this winter.Warm sugar, since it is a sweet fantasy, is extremely sweet.Too many netizens said that they could not objectively evaluate the play because they just watched the love between them.The screenwriter also really thought about what the audience thought. It turned out that this love that fell from the sky and crossed the border was actually a long-awaited reunion. The hero who saved the beauty today is the savior who has enjoyed the same scenery on the same day.This setting is simply sweeter.Not to mention the moment when the heroine finally explores the name of the male character in the follow-up plot, she begins to care about everything about him, and everything about her can compromise for him.She planted a tomato he hated for him, but he silently gave her an undefeated rose in her heart.Even when he was lost, he was waiting there holding a candle.Isn’t the fate entanglement between Li Zhenghe and Yin Shili the sweetness of “suddenly having a weak spot and suddenly having armor”.Tomato seedlings are part of a sweet interaction between the two protagonists.The picture comes from the online writer Wen Siqi editor Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian